My Weight Loss Story & a New Oxygen Network Show

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Weight is something that I have struggled with my entire life. Growing up I attempted to be active and participated in floor gymnastics, soccer and tennis but I was always heavier than most kids my age. My struggle with my weight as a child developed into an unhealthy relationship with food in high school and into my first year of university. At my highest weight I was 220+ lbs and it wasn’t until then that I finally realized that I needed to stop feeling bad for myself and actually evaluate my life and make changes. During my second year of university I lost 40lbs and by the end of the summer before my third year I had lost another 10lbs. After that I fluctuated between 160-170 but kept off the 50lbs.

Summer 2005



In 2009 I decided to continue my on my pursuit to become a healthier and happier human being and to help others. I started a health coach program which I completed in the winter of 2010 and I left it feeling healthy and happier and ready to help others. I continued to maintain my 50lb weight loss until the Fall of 2011 when I became pregnant with Edith. I gained 35lbs over the course of my pregnancy and here we are nearly 14 months later and I am holding on to 25 of them. When I watched the following clip from Oxygen’s new show My Big Fat Revenge it really resonated with me for one reason, Tamar’s daughter (see clip below). I have a daughter. I want to feel more energetic, lose this baby weight and be a good role model for my daughter. Over the next year my goal is to lose this baby weight and get back to that post health coaching healthy, happy and lighter feeling that I had.

Interested in learning more about Tamar and her story? Tune into the Oxygen Network on Tuesday’s at 9pm EST.

Tuesday’s On Oxygen Network, @ 9pm EST
Oxygen Media gives women a life changing opportunity of transformation and retribution in the
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