August Goals

Happy August! We had a rough start to the month with a baby who didn’t want to sleep at all last night. Between screaming, nursing all night and being kicked in the face when E wasn’t nursing I am exhausted but up early so I figured I’d work on my goals. This month is all about workouts, clean eats and organization. It’s also about having fun and relaxing when I can because it is my birth month so I need to have fun right?

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So I don’t really have any goals to review from last month. I honestly don’t think I accomplished any and I really don’t remember making any. So we can move right on to August because I know this is going to be a good month.

August Goals:

  1. Run-A-Mile: I brought back my monthly healthy challenges because after two months off I realized that I really need the challenges to keep me motivated. This month I challenging myself and you to run one mile everyday in August. I am off to get the BOB tire fixed so I can be successful!
  2. Write (at least) 5 New Recipes: I have been off my game when it comes to recipe writing but I am ready to get back in the kitchen and get down to business! I have so many ideas from recipes for expecting and new moms, recipes on the cheap and fun, healthy recipes for athletes (or wanna-be athletes). If you have any special request please let me know!
  3. Strength Train 3x/week: One of the things I have not been doing fitness-wise is strength training and I can tell. I used to do strength four days per week and I really noticed how much stronger and fit I felt and looked. I am ready to get back there and finally get rid of this remaining baby weight!
  4. Practice Yoga 1/week: I love yoga but I haven’t been making any time for it and that needs to change. Before and while I was pregnant with Edith I did yoga at a studio at least once per week and at home a few days as well. Now I haven’t practiced yoga in about three months so it’s time to get back at it! I even bought myself a Living Social to a studio in our to-be-new neighborhood.
  5. Organize Our Things: We are moving again. I know we just moved seven months ago but Neil took a full time position (he was on contract when we moved out here) at new job on the other side of town so we are moving closer to his work. That being said I am ready to get things all organized so we can have a smooth move come late September/early October.

I have about five other things I could put on this list but in an effort to accomplish all my goals I am going to stick with these five. A lot of them are fitness related because I have really fallen out of my routine and I need to kick my butt back into gear. I also want to bring back recipes on the blog because I miss writing them and I hope you miss seeing them. Like I said so many ideas that I have been stock piling over the last few months and now it is time to get down to work!

What are your goals for August? 


    • Neil

      Good luck on kicking the pop! I used to be addicted to Coca-Cola big time! I would have at least one can per day, often two or three. I would get headaches if I didn’t have it. I first cut down to one a day, then switched to natural sodas and now have a hard time stomaching the taste of soda.

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