My Vacation Workout “Rules”

I am the type of person who loves to workout on vacation. I don’t know why but I love to head to the hotel gym or get outside for a run around our destination. I actually enjoy working out MORE on vacation than I do at home. It’s weird, I know.

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However, this mini-vacation I didn’t workout at all. Not one bit. I didn’t even bring workout gear with me! I felt a little guilty as I packed up our bags, leaving behind our running shoes and workout clothes but ultimately I knew we probably wouldn’t even use them. We headed out last Thursday for on a cross country flight to Virginia for the wedding of our dear friends Catherine and Andy. Knowing that Thursday we would be traveling all day and Sunday we would as well It seemed the probability that we would workout was slim to Friday morning.

This brings me to m question how do you decide whether or not to bring workout gear with you on a trip? For me if the trip is drive-able I will bring workout gear regardless of the length of our stay because a pair of shoes and a few workout outfits doesn’t take up that much space. Most of the time I will use them as well! If the trip is longer than five days. A trip lasting more than five days means that I am going to have to pack our bigger suitcases which means that I have more room to bring workout gear. Plus I really don’t want to put a workout off for five days either. Lastly, regardless of length or mode of transportation if we are headed somewhere that we plan to be active ie. the forest or the beach (basically not the city) then I bring workout gear.Chestnut Hill Inn Daddy Daughter (1 of 1)

So I do not bring workout gear with me if the trip is less than five days and we are flying (one exception is a active trip). If we are headed to a city I know I am going to get my walk on and will only be there for a few days then I just make sure at least bring a pair of good walking shoes.

So tell me do you enjoy working out on vacation? What are your “rules” for vacation workout packing?

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So we may not have worked out on this trip but we got a lot of walking done around Charlottesville on Friday (a good four miles). We also got a little dancing on at the wedding on Saturday and did a good amount of walking on Sunday in DC before we headed to the airport for our flight.


  1. Ya it really depends for sure!! I think I always bring workout gear for road trips for sure, because I can throw a few extra pairs of shoes in the back of the car, but it needs to be more strategic for flying, for sure!!

  2. Danielle Helena

    I always have such great intentions to work out while in vacation so I always pack all my gear. However, I don’t remember the last time I actually put it to use! I wish I was this motivated! 🙂

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