Feeling Burnt Out

I also feel like I have lost my running mojo. I was doing an amazing job running 3-5x per week and I even trained and ran my first quarter marathon back in May. Now May has come and gone and it’s nearly August and I can count on two hands how many runs I have been on. I honestly have been feeling burnt out. I kind of dipped my toe into postpartum running back in November but didn’t really take the plunge until January and then I was in full force. Rookie mistake? I’d say so.

I had grand plans of running a number of races this summer and early fall and honestly I don’t see it happening. I haven’t been running or training and I am surely not ready to run a race in two or three weeks. I do have one in late September that I am planning on getting myself together and actual train for. I had planned to run the 10k but am thinking of dropping down to the 5k to avoid another burn out.

I love running but I am having a hard time making time for training. We move to a new home in a new area in October and I am hoping this will be a place we stay for awhile. It will be closer to Neil’s work so I will actually have the ability and time to run before or after he goes to/gets out of work. We will also be in an area where I can join a gym and make time to go during the week so this winter on days when I don’t want to go outside and run I can make time to run on the dreadmill and keep it up. I am hoping that next year will be my year to run my first half.

So until October comes I’m going to work on training for my 5k in September and I am going to do my own RWT Healthy Challenge which is to run one mile per day in August. I need to get back into things but don’t want to over do it. I want to crave running rather than dread it. Has anyone else gone through this? What are your tips? How did you get your running mojo back?

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