RWT Healthy Challenge: August Run-A-Mile

They’re BAAAAACK! Yes the RWT Healthy Challenges are back! After two months off I have to say I have missed them and they needed to make a come back a month earlier than planned. I can’t be the only one who felt like these really helped with keeping up the motivation to workout regularly, right?

Cheers to an awesome month of running!  Now let's do this!

Cheers to an awesome month of running! Now let’s do this!

Well anyways here we are at the end of July and after the Fourth of July BBQ’s and too many s’mores camping it’s really time to get back at it. For me it’s time to get back to running, seriously. I know I have been super quiet on the running front lately and that’s because I just haven’t been. There I said it. I haven’t been running. Not one mile this entire month. So that’s where this challenge got it’s inspiration, I need to run so I am challenging myself and you to get out and run too.

So remember when I wrote about creating mini running goals last month? Well we are going to focus on the most basic of them all, the GET OUT AND RUN! This August I want you to join me in running one mile every day. Now you might be saying um but I can’t even run one mile right now and that’s okay! You can start off with run/walk intervals try 30sec/30sec and gradually increase your run and decrease your walk time. So really anyone can do this challenge!

How it will work:

August 1st–> this is the start date of this challenge. I also want you to go ahead and just for fun see how fast you can run one mile. Make sure to record this in a spreadsheet that you will be sending me at the end of this challenge as proof of completion.

August 2nd-30th–> get out there and run AT LEAST one mile every day in August. You can run more miles if you’d like but your minimum goal is to run or run/walk one mile everyday. Make sure to record it in your spreadsheet! You don’t have to record a time but if you’d like to feel free!

August 31st–> This is the last day of the challenge so get out there and just like on August 1st see how fast you can run one mile. How did you do? Were you faster? Do you feel stronger? Record it!

September 1-4th–> Send me your spreadsheet! All of you who complete the challenge will be entered to win an awesome prize pack from Bob’s Red Mill. Why Bob’s Red Mill? I know it has nothing to do with fitness or running but I went to the factory last week and picked up some awesome items for a giveaway and so I decided to use them for this giveaway!

Social Media:

Not required but if you’d like to Instagram or Tweet while you do this challenge you can use the hash tag #RWTRUNAMILE and my IG and Twitter are both @runwithtongs


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