Moving Outside My Comfort Zone: CrossFit

I’m back! I know I have been a little MIA lately but things have been a little crazy with week before Fitbloggin followed by two weeks of house guests but I’m back! I have a an overflowing inbox and lots of house work to catch up on but first I wanted to tell you all about something I did two weeks ago. I did CrossFit!


Okay so lets break this all down. I was at Fitbloggin and I was supposed to get up and go to 6am yoga and well that never happened. then I was supposed to get up for 8am trampoline workout and well that didn’t happen. Let’s just say we had a really rough night with the baby and sleep took over. finally I was up at 8:30 and decided that well I since I didn’t go to my first two workouts that I should go to the CrossFit one at 9am. Now I hadn’t planned to do this one and frankly I was petrified to do it but since Reebok had nicely provided us with some Nano 2.0 CrossFit shoes that I should probably go try them out.

I headed downstairs for a small cup of coffee and fruit and chatted with some of the other ladies. At this point I was really psyching myself out when it came to this CrossFit workout but instead of scurrying to back upstairs to my bed and my baby I headed to CrossFit. Luckily I found a few other ladies  who were just as nervous as I was, this made me feel better! I also was feeling much better when I knew i wouldn’t be doing pullups or flipping tires. fitbloggincrossfit

We got started by lining up behind various local CrossFit instructors who would be there to help give us any necessary direction and support. We first had a bit of a pep talk and brief orientation to CrossFit and I instantly started to feel more relaxed. We did a warm up and then it was time to get down to the real workout. We were to do 5 push-ups, 7 sit-ups and 9 air squats, as many as we could in 4-minutes. We were walked through the routine with modifications and then it was go time. As soon as everyone started going I almost forgot anyone else was in the room; I was so focused on doing the workout that I didn’t even notice anyone else, which really made things easier.

By the end of the CrossFit workout I was feeling pretty humbled since I honestly struggled through the whole workout, doing most of the modifications, however I also felt really accomplished for actually going there and doing the workout. It wasn’t as intimidating as I had created in my mind. I don’t think I’ll be joining a CrossFit gym anytime soon but I do have to say I enjoyed it. I also wish I had read this post before doing my first CrossFit WOD.

Have you ever done CrossFit? Where you nervous? Are you nervous?


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