Currently. 7.7.13


Thinking about: So many things. My mind is full right now with posts I’d like to write, training plans I’d like to try, books I’d like to read, places I’d like to go. Oh and the biggest thing is Edith turning one. Yes, one. This Tuesday my baby will be a year old and I have really been reflecting on the past year and thinking about the years ahead for us. I’m hoping that once our guests leave I’ll have some time to sit down, relax and regroup because I am over full right now.

Feeling: exhausted. anxious. happy to have an amazing husband and daughter.

Watching: We have been watching a lot of the Yankees in our house right now.  It’s so weird to watch the game after the fact (we have MLB TV on our Roku).  We have to be careful not to catch anything on social media that might ruin the game for us, but this happens so often we don’t even bother watching the game. I don’t know why but we have lucked out the past few days.  Neil and I have also been catching up on a few shows (Criminal Minds and Rizzoli & Isles) after about two months of watching little to know evening TV.

Reading: I tried reading The Complete Idiots Guide to Vegan Eating For Kids but it was so terrible that I only got through the first four chapters before thumbing through and realizing the book is crap. Yes crap. There are so many other books that provide better information as well as better sample meal ideas.

Looking forward to: Heading to VA for a wedding! This will be our second cross country trip with Edith, although Neil’s first and my first with Edith as an err… toddler (I don’t even want to say it, she is my baby and my baby forever right?) I’m also looking forward to getting back to a regular routine since the past few weeks have been crazy with Fitbloggin and our guests being here.

Making me happy: Neil and Edith. They are the light in my life. Seriously so happy with them.


This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.


  1. Hey Lindsey! Just wanted to let you know that when I load your site on my phone I see all your most recent posts, but when I load it on my computer it will only show me this post (even if I click the “home” icon). I didn’t know if anyone else was having this problem, and just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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