Creating Mini Running Goals

Being a busy mom it is often hard to commit to a rigid training/fitness plan. Lately, I have been doing the Best Body Bootcamp workout plan and it is great because basically it’s five workouts per week and right now that’s what works for me. I decided to start with a modified version of beginner plan, I added a third round for my strength training, and the cardio part follows what I was planning for my race training. Although I am (attempting) to follow a plan right now I have made sure there is some flexibility and I have also created some mini running goals for myself.


Goal One: Get out and run. Basic right? Often it’s easier said than done. I can come up with a million excuses not to run so my first mini goal is to stop making excuses and get out even if it’s just for 15 minutes.  Tip: Set yourself up for success by setting out your running gear the night before and make sure to carve out time to run in your day even if it is only 15 minutes.

Goal Two: Run three days per week. I’d like to run four but there have been weeks lately that I have only been out twice or even once, so this month my goal is three times per week. On my runs I have been focusing on two 20-40 minute runs per week and one mileage run, anywhere from 3-6 miles. Did you know? Three workouts per week is the minimum you need to maintain your fitness.

Goal Three: This is my goal for the entire month. My goal for this month it is to run before 9am at least 50% of the time. Other monthly goal ideas: Run specific number of miles or distance, try a new running route, sign up for a race, find a running buddy (and run with them) or go to a group run.

What are your running or fitness mini goals? Think of a basic goal, weekly goal and monthly goal.


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