May Goals

The Cool Impossible

1. Plank-A-Day. This is the next challenge in my monthly challenge series.  My goal is to increase my time by 2-5 seconds per day.  I started these the first and boy was I surprised at how hard to was for me, just goes to show how little I have been strength training the past few months.

2. Strength Train 2-3x/week.  I haven’t been doing any strength training at all. nada. none. zilch.  I am in major need of some strength training because I know it will help me to lose this baby weight and it will improve my running.

3. Floss Everyday. I’m that person that goes to the dentist and am ALWAYS told that I need to floss more. Hell I need to floss in general.  I am horrible at flossing but this month I will do it everyday.

4. Read Before Bed 4x/week.  I would like to say everyday but to best honest it won’t happen so I am trying to set myself up to succeed. I am hoping to read 20-60 minutes before bed four nights per week.

5. Read a New Book. I am currently reading The Cool Impossible and it is amazing.  That being said it is my goal to finish the book this month and if everything works out as planned I should also be starting another new book TBD (suggestions please).

What are your goals for this month? How do you set yourself up for success?



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