Thinking about: How we didn’t take any photos from this weekend. Not one on Saturday or Sunday. Along with that thinking about how I only have two more days and there is no way I am going to accomplish April’s goal with nearly 19 or so miles to go. Oh, and how much I would love to be on vacation somewhere warm and relaxing right now.

Feeling: proud of myself for getting out today and running 6.5 miles.  I woke up not feeling too hot (still don’t) and after debating whether I should run or not I decided to go and at least try running and I felt amazing so I ran further than I expected.

Watching: Fringe. Neil and I are just starting it, currently on episode 4, and so far it’s just okay.  It’s not terrible but also not my favorite but I am going to give it a chance because Joshua Jackson brings me back to the days when I used to sneak watching Dawson’s Creek. One thing that is crazy awful is all of the 3-D text- please tell me they eventually do away with that I feel like I am watching a bad high school power point presentation.

Reading: I am almost done Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I actually started reading it for last months mom group book club night but didn’t finish it in time, however my goal for April was to read one new book so I am working through the last 100 pages so that I can accomplish this goal.  The book is really amazing and now I want to go hiking more than ever. Has anyone else read it?

Looking forward to: getting away next month.  We are taking a little family trip to Seattle for our 5th wedding anniversary.

Making me happy: Neil and Edith. Thinking about all of the activities that we will be able to get out and do this summer.  All the exploring of our new home that we have yet to do. Also knowing that I have a ton of meals prepared and ready to go for this week.

This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.


  1. First of all, this post format is amazing! I love it. So fun.

    Secondly, I never got into Fringe. My husband LOVES it, but it was never my thing. Although, admittedly, the pure strangeness of it all would suck me in every now and again.

    Thirdly, I absolutely adored Wild. We’re planning on doing a through hike of a local medium-distance trail (about 60 miles) and Wild got me so pumped to do it! Although we wont have mountains or snow. 🙂

    • I’m still not sure if Fringe is going to be something I like but I don’t hate it (yet).

      That will be amazing for you to do a through hike! We have done parts of the Long Trail and I have done one overnight on the Long Trail and it was amazing. I can’t wait until Edith is big enough to go.

  2. Emma

    Wild is absolutely amazing. Definitely makes me want to do a long distance hike! Hope you’re feeling better soon

  3. Good for you for getting out there and running! I feel like putting on your shoes is always the hardest part.

    I have not read Wild but I am currently adding it to my Amazon wish list. Looks really cool! I’m currently trying to finish reading A Sand County Almanac, which I have been on-again off-again reading for about 5 years.

  4. I love when a run goes better than I anticipated!! I think the hubs and I are going to do an easy 2 miles in the morning. After my half yesterday, I think it’s all my body can take! haha

  5. Sarah

    I loved Fringe! It does start off slow but the second and third seasons are great!! The fourth season was pretty good too, but unfortunately I was not much of a fan of the last season, it was kind of a chore to get through but I did it because it was ending.

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