Blogging Feedback: Harsh Reality

I once again asked for your feedback but unlike past years I actually got some harsh (but necessary) criticism…

I dislike the lack of content. I read a lot of blogs and a lot of them I have read through their babies first year. I never felt like their quality or content dropped significantly. I feel that your blog has, and I feel like you justify it every single blog by mentioning your baby. As a reader I prefer more day in the life posts learning about you and how you are navigating through your weight/workout/life/parent struggles so I can relate and maybe apply something to my life. I feel like all I read from you are sponsored posts and posts with very little heart. I unsubscribed from Naturally Family, but I keep holding off on leaving your blog. I feel like I might miss the moment when you get it and your blog becomes one I am happy to see in my reader.

and you know what you’re right.

When I first read this it felt like a having cold water thrown in my face, I should have seen it coming up it still shocked me. I read this and re-read it and re-read it again.  I then opened up RWT went back to my archives and looked at this month last year compared to right now and it’s true.  The last few posts from this month consists of sponsored posts, post about things I like and the upcoming challenge but nothing really about me, my life or anything with real significant content.  I agree as well that I am running into the same issue over on Naturally Family (NF).

I will also say it’s true that Edith has become the excuse behind why my content has dropped. As well as the fact that I struggle between what belongs on which blog and at the end of the day I am tired and often spent but I make a half-assed effort to write a post.

I have been working on my goals for May and one of them is to slow down and make more time for the things that I love and am passionate about.  From reading RWT right now you wouldn’t think it’s this blog or NF but it is.  Transitioning from the working world to becoming a stay-at-home mom and moving across the country has really sent me into talespin and I’m trying to recover.  I write this blog for you and for me and I know I have so much more to offer. It’s about taking time to deliver more quality content vs. quantity of posts.

I appreciate your feedback and would love to continue to have it so please take a few moments to answer five questions.  I will say I am working on more personal posts to go along with the sponsored , recipes and link up posts. As always I love to answer questions from you because to be honest if you met me you’d know I am a sharer so please no question is too personal just ask–>

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