May Healthy Challenge: Plank-A-Day

Can you believe that it is almost May? Did this month fly or what? First just a shout out to all of the April 100 Mile Challenge participants you rock! Now on to May!

This months challenge is slightly, okay totally, more attainable than last months challenge (more on that in a future post).  This month I want you to complete a plank-a-day. That’s it. Can you do it?


So what you need:

  • A stop watch- if you have a smart phone there should be one on it
  • A space for you to preform your plank and that’s it!

Challenge yourself to increase your time everyday even if it is just by a few seconds.

How the challenge works:

After you do you plank record your time on the Google Drive spreadsheet that I will send you.  At the end of the challenge participants who have completed the full 31 days will be entered to win a prize (TBD). Bonus: You can Instagram or Tweet a screenshot of your stop watch time for a bonus giveaway entry (up to one tweet per day) but make sure to include @runwithtongs and #RWTPlankADay to your IG/Tweet AND you must submit the URL on your spreadsheet for it to count.

If you have little to no experience with the plank here is a quick tutorial:


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