Family Run

20130317_165230Sunday was my run day and honestly I just wasn’t feeling it. I was dragging my feet all day trying to come up with excuses as to why I didn’t need to/couldn’t run but honestly none of them were legit. Finally Neil got me out the door and with Edith in the BOB we went for a family run.


I started out pushing Edith for the first mile and then Neil took over. We covered 3.25 miles in 50 minutes including a 5 minute walking warm up and 5 minute walking cool down. It was tough. Running with Neil encouraged me to push myself a little harder and it felt good but boy was it tough. I am gearing up for my first postpartum 5k (I will be pushing E in the BOB too) in a few weeks and I think these weekend family runs might need to becoming a weekly thing.StitchPics_2

Do you like to run with others? Do you push yourself (in a good way) to go harder or longer when you do?

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