Random Thoughts

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1. Running with friends is actually fun especially when it’s beautiful outside and they are also pushing a jogging stroller.

2. The weather is supposed to be insanely beautiful and warm this weekend so obviously that means we should go to the Oregon Coast.

3. Spontaneous trips means our fridge full of food won’t be eaten so I must make a dent in it today with some juicing and lunches….I should probably go work on that. Unfortunately it also means we are probably going to waste some things, not something I like to do.

4. Leaving the house means I should probably find something besides yoga pants to wear…it also means I should probably do laundry like now.

5. I finally feel like I got my running mojo back. I feel like a runner again.

Chia Squeeze: New Gluten-Free and Vegan Snack from Mamma Chia

I am head over heels in love with the new Mamma Chia snack, Chia Squeeze, they are honestly insanely delicious.  I have been snacking on them after my runs and reluctantly let Neil try one and my friend Fawn try another flavor (looking back I wish I hadn’t shared they are that good.)

mamma chia squeeze

These little packets contain/are:

  • Chia + Fruit + Vegetables
  • 1200mg Omega-3
  • Good Source of Fiber
  • Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Only 70 Calories
  • No Added Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • USDA Certified Organic

Like I said I have been enjoying these after runs and the other day I was sucking one of these back while stretching.  Edith was sitting on the floor with me and as soon as she saw the packet she got excited and crawled over and attempted to take it from me, I think she knew how good it was….or maybe it just reminded her of her fruit and veggie packets, anyways she wanted it.  I finished the packet it tossed it in the trash small trash bin in the living room and then went to grab a fruit and veggie puree packet for Edith to snack on since I teased her with my Mamma Chia Squeeze.  In the two seconds I was gone she had fished the empty packet from the trash and was just about to put the (capped) end into her mouth when I recovered and swapped it out for her own packet of food. Needless to say the girl knew how good it was and would go to any length to get just a taste.

mamma chia

Honestly, there are very few products that I gush over (most I just like or really like) but this is one that I love. It is a product that I plan on going out and buying mass quantities of it is that good. I also think it is the perfect post workout snack because it is sweet but low in calories and sugar. Also did you know chia seeds offer a complete nutritional profile of omega-3, balanced dietary fiber, complete protein, antioxidants and minerals? Neat, eh?

Have you ever tried Mamma Chia? What is your favorite post workout snack?

P.S. the Green Magic is my favorite flavor.

April Healthy Challenge: 100 Miles

Can you believe it is almost April?!? I hope you all are feeling very relaxed and flexible after your month of yoga and are ready to get moving because this month is a real challenge.  A challenge unlike the past two that is sure to get you ready for your summer bikini body, running or bike races and triathlons.

This months challenge is to run, bike and/or walk 100 miles. Yes you read that correctly 100 miles.


I know that this sounds like a grueling challenge and you’re probably thinking “can I really complete the challenge?” Before you go doubting yourself let me tell you YES you can and just think of how proud of yourself you will be.

Healthy Challenge: Walk | Run | Bike –>100 MILES. You can count any miles that you walk, run or bike.  That means walking around the grocery store can count towards your total miles for the month; this challenge is not just about specific fitness miles but rather miles in general. I want you get moving. If you live in a city and take public transit to work get off a stop early and walk the remainder of the way or maybe you live only a few miles from work, go ahead and bike or run instead of driving.  Once you start tracking things you’ll see it isn’t that hard to complete the 100 miles (although if you’re a biker you may want to take on a personal challenge to complete 125-150 miles).

Tracking: You can track your miles via your Garmin (or similar device), run keeper or daily mile. Once you sign up for the challenge I’ll send you a spreadsheet where you can submit your daily mileage. However, I will require you to send me a screen shot of your tracking device to prove your miles.

Complete the challenge and you’ll be entered to win a pretty amazing giveaway item. That’s right if you complete the challenge not only will you get bragging rights that you walked/ran/biked 100 miles in 30 days but you will also be entered to win a great prize. Brooks Running has generously agreed to offer a pair of the #pureproject running shoes to the winner of this challenge. To win you must complete the 100 miles and submit to me your completed spreadsheet with screenshots. There will be one winner of the challenge and all entries must be received by May 2nd, 2013 at 12pm PST.


Social Media: You can follow me on twitter and instagram @runwithtongs and you can follow our April Challenge giveaway sponsor on twitter and instagram at @brooksrunning.  The challenge hash tag is #RWT100Miles.

Second Giveaway: Oh yes and there is a second prize, a package filled with my favorite running/training items. To enter “tweet @runwithtongs @brooksrunning #RWT100Miles” along with how many miles you completed for the day. You can enter once per day for a total of 30 entries.  There will be one winner of this prize.

Okay so now that you have all the details lets get you signed up:

Monday Link Up: March 25


What we did this weekend…

Friday night we went out to for Indian.

Saturday we went to the Portland Farmers Market, the Better Living Expo, had lunch Thai for lunch and picked up green beans.

Sunday we slept in until 8:30am and then had breakfast, skyped with the ‘rents and did a little outlet shopping.

Get your yoga on….

Can you believe we are on the home stretch of March Challenge??? This is a great yoga sequence to try if you’re a runner or just really want to strength your legs (you might want to book mark this for April’s Healthy Challenge :HINT:HINT:).

Say good morning with a little yoga.

Recipes I need to try…

Well you all know how much I love kale and cabbage so obviously I need to try this recipe.

This recipe would be perfect for a hot summer night.

I am dreaming of making these for Edith and I to enjoy during future tea party.


I just bought this DVD and I am ready to tone it up!

Î need to try this move because I think my baby pooch is starting to bark.

City dwellers you may want to read this especially if you are planning to participate in the April healthy challenge.


This week I am wanderlusting after this beautiful location.

Over on Naturally Family…

First stop over and check out the photos from last weekend and then you can read all about The Wonder Weeks, our lullaby song and about shopping consignment for baby.

Another Mother Runner Event

Wednesday night I had the pleasure to attend an Another Mother Runner event that was held in Portland. As you read yesterday I was nervous about attending and had my struggles when I first arrived but in the end I had a really good time. The event was pretty big with over 100 people in attendance.


Like I said in yesterdays post I did a little retail therapy and bought these two shirts:


After my retail therapy and finally finding another mother to talk with it was time for Sarah to do a reading from Train Like A Mother.  Let me tell you she is so warm and hilarious. To top it all off just listening to her talk about running was infectious and of course I ended up signing up for a September 10k while I was there. I really wanted to sign for the half marathon but with such a crazy summer I know I couldn’t commit to training so I decided on a shorter distance.


Another Mother Runner is having similar events across the country and you can sign up to attend one as well! Locations include:

  • New Canaan, CT: April 10
  • Montclair, NJ: April 11
  • Sacramento, CA: April 24
  • Bay Area, CA: April 25
  • Capital Region (Albany), NY: May 30
  • Chicago, IL: August 8
  • Columbus, OH: August 29
  • Washington D.C. Suburbs: October 3
  • Philadelphia, PA: October 17
  • St. Louis, MO: October 24

Oh and did I mention that the swag bags are pretty awesome? Also I did win a raffle item but they had some pretty awesome ones which included a Garmin, race entries, and more.


Have you read Run Like A Mother or Train Like A Mother? Are you planning to attend one of the events?

Moving Out of My Comfort Zone

Lately I have been really stepping out of my comfort zones, pushing myself a little bit, whether it is to talk with other parents at OMSI, attend MeetUp groups or pushing myself to run harder or faster.

The other night for example I went out for the first time alone in Portland. I went to an event by myself, no friends, no husband no baby. I was shaking in my boots as I walked through the door but I was determined to spend my few ours sans bebe having a good time because I mean really would it have been worth it if I hadn’t?


I checked in to the event, received my drink tickets and headed to the bar to get some liquid courage aka a beer. I attempted to strike up a conversation with another lady who seemed to be at the event by herself as well but in the end she just wasn’t interested in talking and quickly got her drink and found her friends. I honestly felt like I went to the bar alone and was trying to pick up, but in this case I was just trying to make friendly with other women at the event.motherrunnerbeer

I moved on and decided to go over to the merch table where I ended up buying myself two tops, retail therapy much? Again I tried talking with some of the women at the table but everyone seemed to be more interested in their friends who they came with.  At this point I was feeling pretty rejected but was determined not to give up (yet).

I walked over to a new are and saw a group of women sitting on an L-shaped couch near where the presentation would be happening.  There was one seat open on the end so I asked if anyone was sitting there and sat down hoping to strike up a conversation with them but again they were very into their small group discussion already.  At this point I looked around the room and everyone was grouped off and it was at the point where the rejection had set in and I really had no desire to try and interject myself into someone elses conversation (again). I decided to just sip my beer and wait for the presentation to start.

Then it happened. Someone who also was attending the event alone sat on the stairs next to me.  I had never been happier to see another (lonely) person, after how the night had been going. We got to talking and had a great conversation while we waited for the presentation. We talked about running, races, a little about family and moving.  It was so nice to connect with another mom about something other than breastfeeding and baby bowel movements. I can’t say that I walked away with a long lasting friendship, honestly I can’t remember her name (mommy brain much?), but I did have a great conversation.

A few things that I took away from this experience:

  • If an event is at a bar with (free) drinks flowing it doesn’t make people more open to talking.
  • If an event is at a bar next time I will find a friend or at least a MeetUp mom to go with.
  • Large events often make it harder (for me) to meet people, especially when I am new to a city.
  • I like small more intimate events.
  • I can go out without the baby and survive.
  • Trying something outside of my comfort zone is empowering.

Have you ever gone to event alone? I mean not knowing anyone AT ALL who is going to be there (and knowing people only via social media or blogging doesn’t count). How do you approach a situation like this?