Are You Ready to Yoga? I’m not.

Today is the last day of February’s Health Challenge- 10 day cleanse, and tomorrow starts another challenge this one the entire month of March, 31 days. Yes, that would be 31 days of yoga in a row.
mountain top yoga long trail
Is your head spinning? Yeah, I know mine is too. The good part is I won’t be alone I have a handful of other crazy yogis ready to participate (you can sign up here if you are crazy enough to join us.)

As excited as I am for this challenge I am far from ready. I was hoping to have more time to prepare and get myself back into yoga mode but when you have a baby, a husband, a house and a new city to explore somethings fall to the wayside so I guess I’ll be jumping right into this challenge.

My hope is that a month of yoga will get me back on the mat regularly, help improve my running and flexibility and destress my mind and body. Why are you participating or Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga to calm my mind.
I practice yoga to relax my body.
I practice yoga to strengthen my body.
I practice yoga for community.

For those participating you will find an email in your inbox tomorrow with more details.


  1. Emma MacDonald

    I practice yoga to have glarity and gratitude in my life. It helps me start my day with clarity and energy, or work through the stress of my day, preparing for a good night’s sleep. I love seeing how I’ve progressed in my practice and I’ve found myself addicted to it!

  2. I practice at the end of the day to clear my mind and unwind. I used to practice in the mornings to set a daily intention and start my day off working up a good sweat. Hopefully this challenge will get me onto my mat more often, no matter what time of day.

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