1. Angie Deveau

    Being a work-at-home mom with a 2 year old, I find that it’s a fine balance between getting work done, spending time with my son, preparing fresh and healthy meals for my family and getting much-needed exercise in. That being said, this leaves very little room for a tidy house…lol. The best advice is to not just focus on doing more intense exercises, but to do a variety of different workouts in order to keep your body guessing. Look up short (but very efficient) tabata videos on youtube, download a variety of workout videos and do a different each day…this week, I did Jillian Michael’s kettlebell workout, her shred it with weights video, Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method, Tracey Anderson’s Metamorphosis and I ran outside. This not only confuses your muscles, which leads to improved overall conditioning, it prevents you from getting bored. And these are usually done when Sam has his nap or as soon as my husband gets home.

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