Postpartum Update: Seven Months

Can you believe it’s been over FIVE MONTHS since my last postpartum update? I know I completely dropped the ball with this and to be honest a big part of why I didn’t update was because there wasn’t too much to talk about and then life got crazy with moving.  Now that we’re settling in I am planning to post monthly updates until Edith is at least 12 months.


How I Am Healing: I now 100% healed so this will be my last update in this department.

Activity: I have been more and more active every month and I am feeling good.  I am back to consistent running and Edith and I go for at least one walk per day, some days a long walk and others a short one but we get out.  To top it off we now live on a third floor walk up so I get a lot of stair stepping in while carrying a baby.

Weight: I haven’t weighed myself in a few months so I have no idea how much I weigh right now. I do know I gained a little bit of weight back in Nov/Dec but I am feeling good and seeing a loss now. I am still way off from my pre-pregnancy weight but I’ll get there (someday).


Breastfeeding: Edith nurses a billion times per day, some for nourishment and some for comfort and I’m okay with it for now. I am hoping that over the next few months she might cut down a bit but I plan to nurse until she is at least two or until she weans herself. Overall it is going well however we do have our ups and downs like having a low milk supply, not being able to pump much, having a frozen stash I couldn’t use and not being able to cut back on calories (for weight loss).

If you haven’t stop over to our family blog, Naturally Family, then head over now and Meet The Family.  What’s been posted lately: our trip to the PDX Children’s Museum, Neil’s first dad group experience Edith’s 6 month Munchkin meals, and Edith’s mastering the art of crawling. You can also check us out on  Facebook and Twitter.

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