Healthy Challnege Days #2 & #3

Hello there! Did you think I fell of the wagon with this cleanse? I assure you I haven’t I have just been having a busy weekend with my husband and baby. So lets first recap Day 2:

I started my morning off with a bowl of oats topped with Nuttzo and a mug of roobios chai with coconut milk.


For lunch we enjoyed a yummy bowl of curried veggies over quinoa and Edith gobbled up some quinoa and roasted pears with apricot.
IMG_4617After lunch we went for a walk and picked up a raw treat from Whole Foods and for an afternoon snack Neil and I shared an orange. Dinner was chickpea and couscous patty over sauteed zucchini and tomatoes and topped with mushrooms and onions.

Also task #2 to was to take some time to do a little yoga and here I am:

Sunday we started our morning off with millet toast and chickpea scramble (basically tofu scramble with chickpeas instead of tofu.) After breakfast we headed into town for Neil to attend a (failed) dad’s meet up and we picked up green smoothies for three to enjoy. We then had a late lunch at Blossoming Lotus where I had the live fruit and cheese plate and Neil had the gluten free, soy free buckwheat and oatmeal pancakes.  Neil’s lunch falls into a cleanse grey area but as he says he is only along for the ride this whole cleanse thing is my thing.  I have to admit I did steal a few bites of his delicious pancakes and Edith stole some bites of pear from my plate.

Kure Juice

Dinner was task #3 a big giant salad.  I made veggie taco salad with lots of romaine, mushrooms, onions, green beans, tomatoes, avocado, brown rice, refried black beans and cashew nacho cheeze sauce. IMG_4621


    • I didn’t use a recipe for the curried veggies- it was a little bit of a throw together meal. I used a little coconut oil to saute the veggies for about 5 minutes then I added salt, pepper and a heaping tablespoon of curry powder and tossed to coat and then I added about 2/3 cup of lite coconut milk and simmered on medium-low until veggies were tender.

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