Subscription Box Extravaganza

When I was a child I loved getting those little grab bags that were filled with random toys and things.  As an adult my love for surprise goodie boxes hasn’t died and I am now in love with subscription boxes. The only thing is not all subscription boxes are created equal. Before I start this mini review of the boxes I have tired please note that with the exception of the Citrus Lane box I purchased all of the boxes with my own money some with coupon codes that I found online.

Vegan Boxes

Vegan Cuts-I ordered the very first Vegan Cuts box available back this fall.  The box include a glass straw, a Simply Bar, Surf Sweets gummy snacks, KUR Delights and Berryplus laundry detergent.  The box cost $19 and honestly I didn’t love it and canceled after the first box. I have heard that they have made improvements on the box since the first one so if you are interested in the box don’t let this review completely turn you off.

(Vegan) Conscious Box– I was a little skeptical of this box after my experience with Vegan Cuts but decided to order one of the vegan Conscious Boxes.  To my delight the box was filled with a variety of tasty goodies and I liked it so much that I went ahead and took advantage of their Christmas special and subscribed for three months getting one extra box free (so four boxes for the price of a three month subscription).  My free box was the same box I had received in December but that was fine with me because it included baby laundry detergent, raw zucchini chips, mascara and a number of other goodies.  January’s box just came a last week and it was filled with lots of goodies including my favorite Hail Merry chocolate macaroons. I can’t wait for the next box to come in February and am thinking of continuing my subscription after the three months.

Mom & Baby Boxes

Wittlebee– Wittlebee was the first subscription box that I ever ordered.  The boxes are filled with six articles of clothing and one extra item like a headband or a trick or treat bag. I purchased two boxes from Wittlebee both using a coupon code so it made the box $25 rather than $40.  I have to say the cost was worth it as they were filled with clothes from Tea Collection and American Apparel and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tea Collection so I was in heaven.  The downside to the boxes however is the customer service sucks. I had read some reviews about the box and didn’t find very many favorable ones and after two boxes I understood why.  One of the articles of clothing we received which was so cute couldn’t even fit over Edith’s head. The outfit was for 3-6 months and let me tell you even as a newborn her head wouldn’t have fit through. I contacted them about it and they said they would send an extra piece of clothing in my next box.  When I told them that I was dissatisfied with the boxes (the second box wasn’t so great- lots of cheaply made clothing) and that I had canceled but could they still please replace the piece I had already paid for and I never heard from them again. Although we did end up with some cute clothes the quality definitely went down and the customer service not so great. Needless to say we stopped after two boxes.

Bluum Box This box I started getting a few months ago and I really like it. It is a box for mom and baby, so there is also at least two things for me and 3-4 things for Edith.  It has a combination of sample sizes and large items.  So far I really am enjoying the box, we are getting our fourth box this month and I am looking forward to it, per usual. Many of Edith’s favorite toys have come from this box including her little horse book, soft monkey rattle and walrus teether. It has also been fun trying out the different mom products like lip gloss, face masks and jam. This box is $12/month and I think it’s a pretty good deal. I usually get at least two full sized items that cost around $12-15 retail and then a few sample items.  Overall I am very happy with the boxes.

Citrus Lane No this box doesn’t contain citrus, rather its is similar to the Bluum Box in that it has both items for mom and baby.  The items for baby are based on the profile that you submit and the age and gender of the baby (you can also set the gender as neutral if you want).  I was sent this box as a sample to try and I have to say I promptly ordered another after receiving this one.  In the box there was a board book (one that I had planned to get Edith), a stroller toy, food storage cups (perfect timing), spf moisturizer for me and eco-friendly disinfectant spray.  Everything was full size or close to it and brands that I really like (Skip Hop, Juice, etc).  If you are interested in signing up for a box you can receive $10 off through this link.


PV Body Okay so I never actually received this box. I know that a lot of people have had a good experience with the box and liked what they received but I have also heard negative things about it as well. I myself was interested in purchasing the box back at the holiday’s when I received an email from them saying I could receive 40% off my first box.  I decided to give it a shot and see what the box was like but after filling out the profile and going to pay I saw that the promo code they provided did not take 40% off the box.  I read that others via twitter had the same issue. I contacted them to let them know I was interested in purchasing the box but the promo code did not work.  I never heard back from them.

Do you subscribe to any boxes? What ones do you like? What ones don’t you like?


  1. bitt

    We get the vegan conscious box and it’s been great, especially the past three. I haven’t done any other boxes but the Eco-Emi one looks interesting if there was a vegan optio

  2. I had the same disappointment with the Vegan Cuts box. I had heard great reviews and then when I received my box it didn’t include near the goodies others had received. The second one wasn’t much better in my opinion, and there still wasn’t much to it. In it, the cookie was crumbled and the candy cane was not only broken up but completely out of its packaging. It simply wasn’t worth the money to me.

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