Minimalist Living

I know that those of you who follow me on twitter already know this but our things STILL have not arrive in Oregon. It’s a whole frustrating matter where the movers picked our things up on the 21st and were supposed to arrive by the 9th…here we are, the 17th of January, and now we are being told that the expected arrival date is the 24th. Needless to say we have been living very minimally.

Although we are really loving Oregon, Neil is doing well at his new job and Edith is adjusting it’s still been a pretty difficult process. You never know how hard it is to be without your personal possessions until you are going on a month without them. I am now regretting only packing a few non-lounge/workout tops because I either have to buy new ones or suffer through another week of clothing that is becoming more and more worn out.

The biggest challenge is not having my blender, cook utensils, pots and pans….basically my kitchen supplies.  I mean you know me I love to be in the kitchen. Currently, I have a spatula that is useless when it touches heat, a can opener that doesn’t open cans and only one small sheet pan that barely fits anything on it. We ended up buying some knives and frying pans to hold us over but it’s not the same.  Since I am without proper cooking materials I haven’t been doing much interesting cooking so no recipes…boo.

Although we basically have no furniture, no cooking supplies and I have been wearing the same three outfits over and over at least I have my running shoes and a few new workout outfits because I have been getting back at it. It is also great that we are in a really walkable area (Fact: Our apartment in VT had a walk score of 3; our apartment in Oregon has a walk score of 71).  I have been getting out for daily walks with Edith in the baby carrier, which really makes it a good workout.  Also we live in a third floor walk up so lots and lots of stairs (I’m working on those buns of steel).

Workouts this week have been lots and lots of walking including a tour around of the Japanese Gardens (so beautiful even in the winter).  I also have done some yoga on Daily Burn which was great. I am going to do some more walks and yoga this week and then next week I am back to running.  I even ordered myself a new foam roller today because my IT band has been driving me nuts and oh did it hurt so good to get my roll on.

Well since Edith decided she didn’t want to sleep last night and I’ve been up since 3am I’m off to bed but I’ll leave you with a minimalist tour of our apartment.

Oh and just for fun I’ll show you how I entertain myself by putting E in her new baby bath tub with a ton of Quaker Pop Samples #thingsboredmomsdo.



  1. There’s nothing like a move to make you feel most alive. You get to discover all the delightful nooks and crannies of your new home and city/town. And then there are the lows of things yet unpacked. 🙂 Hang in there and enjoy the transition!

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