Getting Back At It Workout Edition

I have to say that over the last month I haven’t been really working out. I mean I have gone for some walks and done a few workout videos but really I haven’t done much.  I’ll blame it on the whirlwind move that we just made and the fact that for the past two weeks I have been living in a smaller space with three feet of snow outside.

Well now I have finally moved and that means back to working out and better yet back to running!! I haven’t wanted to jump back into running to fast or too hard since it has been awhile so I have been trying to stretch my body out, especially after 7 hours on a plane this past week!

This past week I have been really using my DailyBurn membership (that I have been wasting my money on because I haven’t been using it) and did the 15 Min Mobility workout with my favorite trainer Cody.  I also did the Bikini Butt workout but you surely won’t be seeing me in a bikini, um ever, but I will be sporting some new workout gear.

There really is nothing better than new workout gear to get you in the mood to sweat. I absolutely love to buy new workout gear but I haven’t in so long because I just haven’t wanted to spend the money.  However after wearing the same yoga and running pants for the past 6+ months (I mean what new mom really wears pants without an elastic waist- right?) I was in dire need to new gear. Moving however has really strained our budget for this month so I had to decide get one pair of my favorite $70-80 running capris or get a whole new fitness wardrobe for $70-80.  Well as you might have guessed I went with the latter.

I took advantage of the Active by Old Navy sale (up to 40% off through January 16) and bought myself four pairs of compression capris, a fleece quarter zip, another long sleeved quarter zip, two active tanks, yoga pants and a new sports bra for what I would have spent on one pair of my favorite running capris (although I still would love a new pair of those as well).

So far I really have enjoyed my new gear and although less expensive than some of my favorite workout gear it still holds up well to wear and washing. I also am loving that it doesn’t stink after a few wears even after washing. I have some workout clothes that no matter how much I wash them they still have a slight odor which is really a huge turn off.

Now that I have new gear I am excited to wear it all and am looking forward to one more light workout and stretching, maybe even a yoga session tomorrow before I start back up and running on Monday.



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