Ready To Run…In The Rain

So as you all know by now we are moving to Portland OR, actually Neil moved last week and I am moving tomorrow with Edith.  I also signed up for my first postpartum race which means I need to get back to running regularly. While I am glad that I won’t be having to do all of my running either in the freezing cold ice and snow or inside I am now trying to rework my running gear for the dreary Pacific Northwest winter weather. Of course moving to a new climate just gives me a good excuse to go shopping for new workout clothes.

Running In The Rain

The first thing that I picked up is a short sleeve wicking running top. When choosing a running top I wanted it to be short sleeve because I like to layer as well as something that was fast drying since Portland is notorious for rainy winters. One top I found that fulfilled my needs was this Old Navy GoDRY Active Tee. I plan to layer this new top under a windbreaker/rain coat so that I can stay warm and dry when I do my outdoor runs.

One of the other items I decided to purchase for “running in the rain” was a new pair (or four) of compression capris.  I figured if I got a new top I should probably get new bottoms to go with them and of course since I got an amazing deal on them (my Old Navy had Compression Capris for as low as $5.50 on sale) I might as well get four pairs.  I like my full length running tights but figured since the weather is a bit milder in the Pacific Northwest that I might be more comfortable in a capri length pant.

In addition to needing a new top and capris for running in the rain I also like to wear a Brimmed Running Cap to keep the rain of my face and head dry and lastly an essential- Body Glide .  If you haven’t tried Body Glide and often find yourself chaffing when you run you should get some now! I figure since I often chaff already on longer runs that being damp won’t help that situation so I might need to order Body Glide in bulk. Tip if you do find yourself chaffing Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom works amazing to heal and relieve chaffed areas.

Now I am so ready to get to Portland and start running! I also love that if the weather is too nasty that I can head over to my apartment complex gym and hop on the dreadmill if needed. Now I have no excuse to miss a run!

What are you essentials to have for running in the rain?


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  1. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest (when you get here)! I moved from New England (Maine/Massachusetts) to Vancouver, BC and have LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it! Once you get used to the gray/dreary winters (Vitamin D and activity) I hope you’ll love it! If you ever come up this way, give me a holler!

    I LIVE in cropped leggings to run in, to be active in and just BE in up here. The wet cold can get well…cold, but layering is a must. Lululemon Run Inspire crops are my absolute favourite here. Pricey, but worth their weight in gold. You’ve got some great options listed up there for sure. I hope you settle in and love it!

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