The Holidays Won

I have no good excuse for my absence the past few weeks besides the holidays and moving.  By the end of the day I have had no desire to go on the computer and most nights have been in bed around 9pm.  To top things off I let the holidays win when it came to eating.  I will admit it right here and right now I haven’t been eating great.  If you follow me on MyFitnessPal (runwithtongs) you’ll notice that there have been lots of carbs and chocolate being consumed.  I have been feeling a bit more sluggish and tired out which is a combination of letting my healthy eating slide, being crazy busy with moving and now Neil is in Oregon having take care of Edith on my own.

The best part of falling off the wagon, as one might say, is that you can get back on and what better way than with the support of others?  I have decided that if I want to accomplish my health goals that I need support and have turned to #StartClean2013 to do so.  First I set out my goals and then yesterday I made a really tasty kale salad and today I took note of how much water I drank (8 cups so far incase you were wondering).

I am so proud of myself for seeking out a supportive group of people to help reach my goals and I’m so ready to make small changes to see big changes.



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