Breaking In New Fitness Gear: Anhu

Is anyone else sad that hiking season is basically over? I didn’t make it out once this year and it’s a huge bummer because Neil and I have become really big fans of hiking. Last year we did an overnight hike on the Long Trail and it was amazing and then I got pregnant so no hiking this past spring for me and then of course Edith arrived and well no hiking this late summer/fall for me either.

Although I haven’t been out hiking we have been taking advantage of the nature trails around the area. It is great to get back to nature and Edith is in love with being outdoors. There is nothing more calming (besides a boob in her mouth) than being outside in the fresh air.

One thing I hate to do is wear my running shoes for trail/nature walks so I was excited when Anhu generously sent me a pair of their (vegan) Orinda trail shoe. My pair of trail shoes were basically destroyed from hiking and I was in need of a new supportive shoe.

I know it’s not a ‘must’ to have multiple pairs of shoes for different adventures but I really love having a special shoe for trail walking. These ones have great traction, are light weight and dry fast when they are wet which is essential.

Do you wear special shoes for hiking or trail walks?

Disclaimer: Anhu sent me these shoes at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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