PureProject: Running Motivator

As you read in my last post I need to work on increasing the intensity (and frequency) of my workouts.  Today I did just that thanks to my husband who encouraged me and pushed me to run further and having a new pair of Brooks to try out was a great motivator as well.

A few weeks ago Brooks contacted me about trying out a pair of their shoes.  I wasn’t told what I would be getting, only that I should expect something in a few weeks.  Last week to my delight a new pair of shoes arrived on my doorstep.

I opened the box and inside was a pair of Brooks PureProject Flow running shoes. Instantly the desire to go for a run overtook my mind and body, there is nothing better than new shoes to motivate me to move.

According to the website they are “For runners who love the feel of free feet but count on cushion to go the distance, this shoe strikes the perfect balance. Breathable on top, flexible underneath, and altogether awesome looking.”

  • Lightweight with cushioning
  • Wide Toe Flex empowers big toe
  • Air mesh upper for breathability
  • Nav Band provides a locked-in fit
  • Named “Best Buy” by Runner’s World in their Spring 2012 Shoe

I was in need of new running shoes ASAP so I was hoping that these new Brooks PureProject Flow would fit my needs.

Today Neil and I decided to have an at home day after running around for the last four days and I decided that it would be the perfect day to try out my new shoes. Neil and Edith decided to come along for the run since my pace is still pretty slow.  Neil pushed Edith in the BOB and I ran ahead of them, making loops back to say ‘hi’ every .3 miles or so.

The run went really well and it was great to have Neil helping me with correcting my stride and arms.  He also was a great “coach” and pushed me to challenge myself and run further before taking a walking break.  I usually don’t like to run with anyone else but today it was great to have the help, support and of course to get to see little E while I ran.

On the way back from our run E was getting cold and a little fussy so daddy to the rescue aka Neil carried her home during my cool down walk and I pushed the empty BOB.

E was so glad to get home and decided to show you all how I felt by the end of my run.

I am so glad I got out for a run and now I’m itching to get back at it again.

What motivates you to run?

Disclaimer: Brooks sent me these shoes at no cost.  I was not asked or required to review these shoes.

3 thoughts on “PureProject: Running Motivator

  1. Brooks shoes are the best! I own a pair myself and I don’t think I could ever run in anything but. What motivates me? That is a good question. Hmmmm….I would have to say runner farther and faster. Any small improvement is huge and keeps me putting on those running shoes day after day. I am a new follower of your blog and I am enjoying it so much!

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