Happy Thanksliving!

Happy Thanksliving to everyone!

Today I am thankful for my wonderful family most of all my amazing, hardworking, supportive and caring husband and my wonderful little bundle of joy, Edith.

Today we are spending the morning/afternoon with family and then heading home to have a wonderful vegan feast with two (omnivore) friends. Hope you enjoy your day!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksliving!

  1. Dorothy Malone-Rising

    A friend (Amy Wenger) has directed me to your blog which I read for the first time
    today (Dec 3, 2012). I am currently reading the China Study and got the cookbook
    to go with Forks over Knives. I was a whole food vegetarian 30 years ago, before
    meeting my Irish meat-and-potatoes loving husband. He is convinced by the China
    Study to try sampling vegan, so I must be certain the first attempts are flavorful and
    filling. Amy suggested your blog for the frequent recipes. The blog I read today
    sounds good, but….what is “garam masala”, “Earth Balance” and “Evaporated
    Sugar Cane?”. Are they readily available at natural food/whole foods stores?

    1. Lindsay Ingalls Post author

      Hi Dorothy,
      All of the ingredients I use should be readily available at your local natural foods store or whole foods. Many such as Earth Balance and Evaporated Cane Sugar are also available at your standard grocery store.

      Garam Masala is an Indian spice
      Earth Balance is a vegan buttery spread – the most comparable to butter
      Evaporated Cane Sugar is a less processed and unbleached granulated sugar (use in replace of white sugar).

      If you have any more questions please let me know!


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