Giving Back This Holiday Season

Every December Neil and I take a trip to the mall and choose a child from the giving tree to buy a gift.  The card has the gender, age and an item the child wants/needs.  This is a tradition that I started with my mom when I was a child and Neil and I have continued the tradition since we started dating.  Now that we have Edith this is a tradition that we plan to continue and have her participate in as well.

In a few weeks Neil, Edith and I will head to the mall, choose a child from the tree and shop for a gift.  The one thing that will be different this year however is that you can help determine how much we will spend on the gift. All you have to do is take the survey below. For every person who completes the feedback survey we will put $1 towards the gift.

So in exchange for two minutes (or less) of your time your survey response can count towards a $1 donation for a child in need this holiday season.

I know I have had ad number of surveys on the blog over the years but with all these changes that have occurred in the last few months I feel like I need to do another on.  I wasn’t sure what role the blog would play in my life once Edith arrived and how or even if I would want to keep up with it, but now here we are four and half months later and I realize I love having this blog because it is an outlet for me.  However, I have found that I have lost a little bit of direction and what I should be posting here versus on Naturally Family. So now this why I am calling out to you to help give me a little bit of direction as to what you want to read.

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