The New Date Night (We Need Your Help)

Now that E is in more of a consistent nighttime routine and we aren’t spending 60-120 minutes trying to soothe her to bed and bounce our brains out (so over the exercise ball) we finally have time for ourselves.  During the week we we end up filling our time trying to catch up on work or cleaning but on Friday nights we are free to take the night off from our chore and work duties.

That being said we don’t really have the money to spend on a sitter and to go out to dinner so we have decided to have date nights in.  That being said we need ideas! We were thinking about having every Friday night be dinner and a movie night but we need ideas for movies and meals to go with them. Our only requirements are that they have to be movies that are already out on DVD or Netflix and meal ideas have to be relatively budget friendly and vegan(izable).

So what are your suggestions? What is a good movie you have seen lately or a recipe that you think we should try? Or do you have a good themed movie and meal idea? Send your ideas our way and we will feature a new date night each week!


  1. My husband and I like to watch The Phantom of the Opera and eat French pizza on Valentine’s Day. We’ve done that the past two years. The French pizza is vegan, with a tapenade and caramelized onions. If you’re interested, I can search for my recipe and share! It’s really good.

    Have fun planning date night!

  2. If you like action, we really enjoyed The Avengers recently. And I shared three recipes this week that would all work for date night – a seaweed salad (small bite), cheeze fondue (app), and hominy stew (entree), I love at-home date nights!

  3. Hi Lindsay, I love this post and I’m so happy to hear that you’re family has found a routine, rhythm so you and your hubby can spend some quality time just being together (which is uber important). Josh and I LOVE spending date nights in. Here are some ideas AND I think one way this could be fun is to ask family/friends to borrow thier DVDS. And you can always swap.

    So here we go (btw, these are all Instant Watch on Netflix):

    Serious Moonlight – very upbeat and funny romance that is light-hearted & had a great ending :: with Zucchini Pasta and artichokes, tomatoes and olives along with a nice bottle of white wine

    Wild Target – GREAT movie, seriously I love Emily Blunt :: with grilled portobello mushrooms, crock pot potatoes and sautéed greens and red wine

    Faces in the Crowd – Pretty good movie esp if you want something with action and adventure (ending is great) :: with Veggie burgers, fries and a pumpkin beer

    A Little Help – awesome indie with Pam from the Office, it’s nothing flashy but very real and has a good story line :: with Veggie Chili and big chunks of bread alongside a nice fully body Ale

    Shades of Ray – really really good movie about family and background :: with big hummus plate with pita bread, olives, marinated onions, etc. along with a bottle of Sauv Blanc

    Well, I hope you like my suggestions! Let me know if you see any of the movies 🙂


    • Wow Erin! Love the suggestions!!! We have seen A Little Help and it was pretty good. I actually haven’t seen any of the other movies you suggested but I am loving the suggestions and meal pairings.

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