1. After losing over 80 pounds, I run because the act of moving swiftly feels SO amazing! I love getting from one place to another on my own two feet and I’m impatient so I like taking it at a swift pace! I’d love to enter The Arthur Rat Race on September 3rd in Arthur IL! I’ve got the day off and they have an awesome town festival going on too!

  2. Lauren

    I love to run for so many reasons – it clears my head, makes me happy, and helps me push myself in running and in life. I wanna run the Stowe 8 miler in July – it’s $35, but I’d pay the difference!

  3. I run because I want to be fit and healthy for my kids. Living with rheumatoid arthritis means, at 37 yrs old, I probably won’t be able to run much longer or I’ll damage my knees. But I’ve set a goal for myself – complete a 5k race by running the whole thing. Just one race and then I’ll seek other ways to stay fit and in shape.

    I also run because I’m trying to teach my 9 yr old son perseverance. For him it’s wanting to do well in gymnastics and having to work REALLY hard at it, while watching his younger brother do better with less effort. That’s what running is for me. I work really hard at it and watch others easily run by. Quitting would be so easy. But I’m modeling perseverance to achieve a goal. So every step I run I hear myself telling him “When the exercises are hard and you want to quit, you have to push through it and keep going.”

    Oh! Almost forgot. I’m going to run the NK5K in September. Registering in on my list of things to do next week. I’d LOVE to win this, and make up the difference myself.

    Stephanie Kay
    Stephanie’s Mommy Brain

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