Fitness Friday: Slowing Down

Since my last Fitness Friday post on April 20th (I know, I know I am slacking) my workouts have been pretty consistent but getting shorter and less intense.  I have found that I am starting to waddle a little bit when we walk and I have the third trimester sleepies so my energy to do more intense workouts isn’t great.  I am however committed to staying active through the remainder of this pregnancy so that I can hopefully get back to more intense workouts shortly after the baby arrives.

This week I skipped prenatal yoga and I haven’t gotten in as many walks as I had hoped due to the rainy weather that we have been experiencing lately.  I hope to get out for a short walk tonight if the weather holds off otherwise I will do my  Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout Video <–I will be reviewing this in two parts, second trimester and third (I didn’t do the first trimester workout).

How are you staying fit?

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