Monday err…Wednesday Meal Plan 5/2/12

I have been really off the ball this week when it comes to meal planning! Monday I was wiped out from our crazy busy weekend and then yesterday I got home and didn’t want to do anything but hang out on the couch so I still didn’t do my meal planning.  Now here we are on Wednesday morning and I am FINALLY planning the menu for the week.

Meals we’ve eaten:

  • Monday: Dinner out- Veggie Burgers
  • Tuesday: Baked polenta with marinara and a side of cheezy broccoli and white beans

Meal Plan:

  • Wednesday: Veggie Burgers on top of sauteed kale with baked sweet potato fries (we had this last Friday for dinner and I am craving it again)
  • Thursday: Veggie Curry Noodles
  • Friday: Homemade Mexican Pizza
  • Saturday: Breakfast- fruit and Babycakes GF Pumpkin Spice Muffins; Lunch- Vegetable Chickpea Soup with Homemade Bread; Dinner: Coconut Quinoa Dahl
  • Sunday: Brunch at Duino Duende; Dinner- Quinoa Mac & Cheese with Kale

What’s on your menu this week?


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