Fitness Friday: Welcome Back

I just realized it’s been 3 weeks since my last Fitness Friday posts, whoops! I have been so busy on Friday’s lately that by the time I can sit down to blog I’ve been ready for bed instead, but don’t worry I’m working on changing that!

Lets take a look at my workouts for the last 19 days shall we:

Four 1-mile walks and 60 minutes of prenatal yoga

35 minutes of prenatal dvd and 10 miles of walking

so far this week 3 miles of walking and 60 minutes of prenatal yoga; we are headed to Maine for the weekend and I anticipate lots of walking while we are there.

As you can see I may have been slacking on my posts but I have been doing a a great job at getting in at least 5 workouts per week even if they are just short ones.  Longer walks (3+ miles) are getting to be more of a exhausting but it feels good to go out and get them done when I have time. I plan on keeping up with my workouts until the very end of my pregnancy doing a minimum of 5 miles of walking per week and either one prenatal class or my prenatal dvd.

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