My Fitness Bucket List

After reading Cassie’s post over at Back to Her Roots I was inspired to create my own fitness bucket list.  Over the past few years I have become more active and went from forcing myself to workout because I knew I should to actually working out because I enjoy it.  Now don’t get me wrong I still have my days where I force myself to get out and be active but most days I love finding time to do something to take care of my body. Now I never thought I would ever run a 5k and I did it and it was amazing.

Since my 5k I have signed up for two half marathons, one of which is next weekend but I won’t be running it due to the fact that the first trimester really put a damper on my training.  The second is in November, the Disney Wine and Dine Half, which I am registered for due to having to defer my Disney Half (which was in January) because of Neil’s head injury this fall (he was running it too), now the question is will I actually be able to wog (run/jog) the half due to the fact that it will only be 18 or so weeks post-baby…I guess only time will tell. Anyways that was as long round about way to get back to the point of this post which is my fitness bucket list, the physical activities I would love to do before I die, here they are:

Run the Vermont 100 on 100


The Vermont 100 on 100 is a 100 mile relay race that is on Route 100 (guess that’s where it gets its name?) in Vermont starting at Trapps and ending at Okemo.  Over the past few years Neil and I have witnessed the runners and I have always  been inspired by the race.  The race route is beautiful and I am sure amazing to run.  Neil and I almost signed up last year when a few friends wanted to start a team but ultimately decided that we weren’t prepared to run that many miles and it would probably be a bad idea so our goal of running the 100 on 100 on a team together has been put on the back burner at least for another year or two.

Run a Disney Half Marathon


It has been my goal for the past two years to run a Disney half marathon.  I have now signed up for one, deferred to a second one and my running fate is still up in the air.  I ideally would like to run/walk the Disney Wine and Dine in November but only time will tell if I will be able to do that distance so shortly after giving birth and because I haven’t kept up with my running through my pregnancy.  I would not do the half for time but to complete it so who knows maybe I can do 13.1 miles in the allotted 3.5 hours, even if that means coming in last.

Be able to do a headstand


I love yoga but am I “good” at it? Not really.  I do fine in a level 1 class and last summer when I was practicing a lot I advanced to level 2 but ideally I would love to be an advanced yogi and do things like Salamba Sirsasana.  Essentially, I know I need to get back into yoga and keep my practice up and I will one day be able to accomplish all my yoga goals and eventually be an advanced yogi.  I have been nervous to go to pre-natal classes but today I’m going to put on my big girl pants, grab my mat and head to class. <– follow up with me at 5pm and make sure that I actually do this.

I have a number of other fitness goals on my bucket list but I would have to say currently these are my top three.  What is on your fitness bucket list? 

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