Three Things Thursday

  1. I make 98% of the home cooked meals in our house but I’m not a baker.  The husband who is much more scientific and needs to follow a recipe in the kitchen has proven himself to be a really wonderful baker and lately we have had lots of fresh bread. He recommends these two books for bread making: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day and Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.
  2. I can’t get enough citrus. Apparently I became pregnant at the perfect time because it’s citrus season and I just can’t enough of it.  I am loving grapefruit and cara cara oranges.  I love to add blood orange, lemon and lime to water and seltzer.  I also have been craving Izze sparkling grapefruit juice. 
  3.  We have a million types of glasses in our house but I only like to drink from pint glasses.  Okay so I don’t drink everything in pint glasses but lately the only thing I drink is water and I only like it in pint glasses.  Give it to me in another glass and I’m apt to poor it into a pint glass.  


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