Setting Goals

I am a huge fan of setting goals- weekly, monthly, yearly, ect. Goals help me to stay on track and really what feels better than actually accomplishing a goal?

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This week I decided that I needed to get back on track with my goal setting and create tasks for the week and a reward for completion (what can I say I like rewards as well). My goals this week are:

  • Pick up the living room floor
  • Unload the dishwasher and load every other day
  • Change the sheets
  • Do two loads of laundry
  • Clean the guest bathroom
  • Go to pre-natal yoga at Evolution
  • Do my pre-natal workout dvds 3 times this week
  • Do my pre-natal workout dvd once this week
  • Write 4 health and wellness articles


  • I have unloaded the dishwasher once and I wrote two articles this morning.

Reward for completing everything:

  • Buy myself a $25 gift card for a spa treatment

Punishment for not completeing:

  • No movie theater date this weekend instead I’ll be home cleaning the second bathroom.

Do you set goals? How often do you set them? How do you ensure you will accomplish your goals?

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