Weekend Wrap Up: Things Get Corny

The highlight of the weekend was purchasing and installing our new washer and dryer. We finally decided that since we never go to the laundromat and end up with piles of laundry as well as the fact that we have a baby on the way which means even more laundry that we should finally suck it up and buy our own washer and dryer. So all of Saturday afternoon was spent making polenta lasagna and watching Storage Wars while Neil and my pa installed the washer and dryer.

Sunday Neil and I spent the day relaxing around the house and cooking up a big pot of Chipotle Coconut Corn Chowder. In the mix: frozen sweet corn, chopped green chiles, onion, carrots, garlic, paprika, chipotle chili powder, ground cumin, coconut milk, vegetable broth and chickpeas.

Neil used his new bread book to bake up a tasty loaf of whole wheat bread.

Monday came along and my stomach was feeling a little off from all of the gluten I had Friday-Sunday. So I ended up taking a sick day to relax and feel better. I enjoyed lots of water and some left over chowder.

And started reading the new Fit Pregnancy.

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel better and just in time because the UPS guy came knocking at my door to deliver a package from Cornucopia Popcorn, a variety of vegan popcorns.

I couldn’t resist diving right in and of course went for the most colorful option the Cornfetti, a mix of all our colorful candied fruit flavors including Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Watermelon.

It was super tasty. I had a few small handfuls and shortly went back to the box to try a few pieces from all of the other flavors.

Dinner time came around and my stomach was starting to feel a little off again so I decided to make Neil a big bowl of quinoa with tempeh and veggies and myself a nice big fruit plate.

Cara Cara Orange, Grapes and Banana with Almond Butter

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