When Things Don’t Go As Planned

A month ago I wrote a post debating the topic of daily blogging and eventually I decided that although time consuming that I would see how it went for awhile.

Moving ahead to today….

I haven’t blogged daily.

What have I been doing?

Playing nurse to my husband (okay guys lets keep this G rated).

Trying to find time to sleep; this has gotten better now the Hubz is starting to get back to his normal routine.

Working (day job). Working (coaching). Both of which have been keeping me super busy and is great because I have a few new projects in the works. I also have a number of workshops over the next month as well as a 5 Week Teleclass Series that I have partner up with fellow health coach Nicole Culver to do.

In addition to all that I am trying to keep our house in order, training for my first half  round 2 (more about this tomorrow-second times a charm right?) and I am getting back in the kitchen with a notebook full of recipe ideas.

Needless to say but I’ve been busy.  Which is really good but it means that daily blogging probably isn’t going to happen.  I really want to go for quality over quantity.  I am still planning to fill the blog with lots of recipes, Fitness Friday and personal life posts but maybe just not everyday.  I also want to guide you over to my health coaching blog where I am featuring new recipes and healthy living posts that WILL NOT be featured in full on this blog- I will let you know when they go up over there though.

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