October Goals

I just realized I forgot all about updating you on my September goals and blogging about my October so here we go!

Review of September 2011 Goals

1. Start Training for my first half-marathon.  Two 30-45 minute runs and one mileage run per week PLUS two days of cross training and at least one day of yoga. <—I started this but it was abruptly cut short due to Neil’s biking accident.  In other news thought Neil and I have signed up for a new half marathon for February!

2. Meal Plan.  Neil and I are both training for our first half marathon and part of training is eating well and learning what our bodies need.  Additionally, we have 4 months to figure out what the best fuel for us is when it comes to long run days. In order to keep on track we need to continue to improve our diet and incorporate new healthy foods that are good for runners. <–This is going really well

3. Organize my kitchen. <—–Did not complete last month. My kitchen is by no means a mess but it just isn’t in top order as I would like it to be.  I actually cleaned out my fridge this morning and it felt great.  Looking forward to doing more.<—I started!

4. Early to bed, Early to Rise.  <—–Still need to work on. Lately we have been more like Late to Bed, Early to Rise and it is starting to wear on me.  My goal is to be in bed by 9:30pm with my book and read until I fall asleep.  Then up by 5am to work, stretch and/or workout (not necessarily in that order). <–Going really well! 

5. Read two new books. I haven’t decided which ones yet but I need to read more. I only read one book last month and again did not achieve my goal.<–Did not happen.

October Goals

1. Run 3 days per week and start my half marathon training (again).  Since Neil got in his bike accident our dreams of doing the Disney Half have been put on hold so we decided to sign up for a new half marathon! This time it is in New Hampshire and well in February- but it’s going to be so much fun!

2. Improve my photo taking. Since I am spending more time in the kitchen creating recipes again I need to take more time to improve my photos.  I had been doing well at that and then my blog worthy recipe creating was limited so I got out of practice and now it’s time to get back into it.

3. Finish the giant book I started.  I just started Paul Pitchford Healing With Whole Foods, it’s a huge book and I’m really excited to finish it this month.

4. Do yoga twice per week.  I miss yoga and have not been doing enough at all and it’s time to commit and get back into it.

5. Drink more water. It’s funny how I can drink tons of water some weeks and others not enough.  I notice a huge difference and that means I need to drink more.

What are you October Goals? 


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  1. Does make it through VeganMoFo without going permanently cross-eyed from staring at the computer screen count as a goal?! 🙂 Seriously – great goals for the month – I’m so glad you guys found another half-marathon to shoot for. I realized I never looked back at my September goals either, I’ll need to do that at some point too!

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