To Do or Not To Do: Daily Blogging

To Blog (Daily) or Not to Blog (Daily)

To do or not to do that is the question.  I have been asking myself this question for years (CVL is almost 6 years old, including transition from Cooking For A Vegan Lover) and I have always debated whether or not I wanted to be a daily blogger. I currently blog most days but I tend to focus on feature/topic related posts rather than more personalized daily post like discussing what I’m eating, my life and everything else.  My hesitation in the past has been because of number of things such as:

  • Do I have time to commit to writing daily?
  • Do people really want to read about my whole life? and how much do I really want to share?

As I just wrote that I really thought I would have come up with more reasons why I hesitated really it’s just those 3 things.  So, I have now come back around to the idea of daily blogging and I am wondering should I or shouldn’t I? I feel like I can commit to writing daily and I feel like I really can share as much or as little as I want.  As for do people really want to read it? I have no idea- do you want daily life posts? 



  1. It’s funny because since I switched from my LJ format and other blogs to one central blog, I’ve become less “life post” oriented. I don’t know why. I think I grew a bit and found I didn’t feel the need to write about every single thing in my life that is happening. And I’ve become more guarded with working online and such. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, and I think I just go tired of writing the mundane. I DO however, like reading others life posts, unless you post a stale photo of oatmeal each day 😉

  2. Hey Lindsay!

    I definitely think you should give daily blogging a try. I enjoy seeing what people eat on a daily basis and handle what life throws at them. For me personally, it’s difficult to prep together a “blog-worthy” meal three times per day and I find inspiration in daily bloggers. You can also see how it goes and then not look back and wonder “what if…” for the future. Hope this helps!

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