Weekend Wrap Up: Sunday Night Dinner

My weekend started off with a really great run with my Hubz and then we got ready for a date night. We started our night at the South End Art Hop where we looked at some wonderful local art studios and stole a few snacks (pretzels, veg and hummus) before heading to dinner at Flatbread. We enjoyed a delicious drink while we waited for a table, wine for me and beer for him, and then shared a salad and flatbread with mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, peppers and eggplant- so good.

Art Hoping

Saturday morning Hubz and I headed out for our Saturday coffee and spent some time working before going shopping. This coming weekend I am heading to NYC for an IIN conference and I “needed” to go get a new “dress to impress” outfit. I spent too many hours looking for a new outfit and by the end of the day I found one I liked but couldn’t commit. I decided to sleep on on it.

This morning the Hubz and I got up at my parents (unplanned over night) and did a hilly, back road run. I had 4 miles on my plan for today but once I got going I felt amazing and decided to do a 60 minute run which ended up being 4.56 miles!!! The most I have ever run in my life and it felt amazing. I really could have kept going but I knew I shouldn’t because I shouldn’t veer off my training plan. After running it was time to get ready to celebrate my G-Ma’s 80th Birthday! Happy Birthday to her!

After her b-day party, Hubz and I headed home and I finally decided to commit to the outfit…and a new pair of pants. Neil was thrilled because after putting him through too many hours of shopping yesterday I finally bought something. See outfit below.

Now it’s time to sit and relax for a bit, watch a few shows and help the Hubz bottle his most recent homebrew. Dinner was sauteed chard, creamy white beans and a root veg mash- recipe to come!


  1. Cute skirt! I always do the same thing when shopping for work clothes…find something I like but just can’t commit! Always end up going back to get it anyway 🙂

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