Fitness Friday: Vacation Workouts

This week I had to take a break from the gym. No seriously I had to because our gym decided to close for a maintenance week so that meant no classes, no gym workouts and worst of all no pool. I was really looking forward to some swim workouts but oh well there’s always next week. This week so far I have done one run, one walk and one run track workout. Tomorrow we are going to tons of walking around Philly but Neil and I plan to get up early and use the gym or pool at the hotel before we head out on our day. Saturday the goal is to do a 4-5miler along Kelly Drive but that will be weather dependent. If the predicted storms come then it will be a hotel gym workout and I’ll probably do 2-3 miles on the dreadmill and 20-30mint on the elliptical plus again more walking around Philly. Lastly, my Sunday workout will probably be elliptical or whatever other cardio machine the hotel has.  Trip cancelled due to Irene. I have no idea what my workouts will be this weekend- all depends on the weather. Do you workout on vacation? 

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