Less and More

The past few days weeks I have been working like a crazy person on a big 3 day event for my day job and now that things have calmed down it’s time to make some positive changes.  Over the past month there have been too much:

Wheat & Gluten

and not enough:


Green Juice
Yoga (since Wanderlust Vermont is only in a few weeks)

That being said I am focusing on reducing sugar, wheat and gluten, eliminating alcohol (until Brewers Fest in mid July) and of course increasing all of those wonderful things I need more of.  The Hubz is going to do all of this with me which will make staying on track so much easier.  What do you need more or less of?


  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if you could do a post on why reducing sugar/gluten is beneficial. I’ve heard things about how gluten is constricting on digestive processes and how sugar affects energy levels, but I’d like more information and opinions.


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