I’m Still Here!

Hey Bloggies!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!  I do have a lot to write about but time has not been on my side the past few days.  Here is a quick update though- I have been working like crazy at my day job preparing for a huge event that is less than 3 weeks away (after that life will calm down), I have started the Immersion Program at IIN, I have been working on a new health coaching project (or two) – email me lindsay@gethealthywithlindsay.com if you want more details.  Lets see…I haven’t been doing much real cooking but I did make this yummmy sauce; honestly most of my “cooking” has been placing a bunch of veggies on a sheet pan and baking them- boring eh?

Well I’ve got to get back to laundry, work x3, gym and find some time to relax – then I will be back to daily blogging!

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