It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

This past week the Hubz and I have been limiting our gluten, wheat, soy, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine intake.  We had a little bit on our Wednesday date night and  a little  on Friday night in the form of beer and soy sauce.  Then came yesterday and today where we ended up having too much gluten, wheat, soy, alcohol, and processed foods. Lets re-cap the past 24 hours:

Pizza +

Lunch- veggie burger, pop chips and beer

Oh and more beer

Then today I have had bread both for breakfast and dinner and I had a caffeinated coffee. Now my body hates me and I am having majorly awful digestive problems. The Hubz and I have learned our lesson and we are gong to get back on track because I love feeling great and not like this.

How was your weekend?

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