1. I don’t! I’m trying to be more mindful, though. With a kid, it’s very easy to just speed-eat because you know you only have 3 minutes to get it down before something is going to be demanded of you, but I’ve really been making the effort to pay attention. It may be mid-salad I notice, but I’m working on it! 🙂

  2. This is a really nice post, especially how you say taking time for chewing
    “allows for enjoyment of the whole experience of eating: the smells, flavors and textures. It helps us to give thanks, to show appreciation for the abundance in our lives and to develop patience and self-control.”
    I try to remember to give thanks before I eat so I can hold back a little and appreciate it more also. I definitely do not chew or eat as slowly as I should, partly because I’m in a rush at work, but also because it’s become so usual for me to eat quickly that when I think about slowing down, it gets uncomfortable in my mouth after a while! The saliva builds up and I just need to swallow – it’s kind of like being at the dentist. It’s an OCD thing but I feel like I’m going to choke if I don’t swallow!
    However, I do appreciate the easier absorption of nutrients from well-chewed food. I will try harder from now on to eat more slowly and appreciate the meal!

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