1. I really like the way you are looking at making sure your average activity is 30 minutes or 60 minutse per day based on time of year!
    I think I will work that into my monthly plan for workingout as well.

  2. Awesome way to think about it! I love the idea of earning money to spend guilt-free. I stay motivated by going to my favorite yoga & spinning classes – good instructors & good music keep me coming back. I’m so excited for hiking weather!

  3. Today I went along to the gym with my hubby (he has a membership but I don’t). When I felt whiny this morning, him waiting for me motivated me to go, and I felt better for it at the end. I also got to put off doing my hated laundry for a few more hours. =D

    What made me go is my desire to build up my endurance for the soccer league I play in on weekends. I’m tired of feeling out of shape!

  4. Thats a great incentive plan! Fitness is like my second job, sometimes staying motivated is difficult, but I try to think ahead to my race schedule and know that what I do now helps me out then. Most of the time that works for me (that or a cookie after a hard workout!)

  5. MOM

    Good goals you have. Keep up the great work. I have been doing exercises in the pool 5 days a week at least and hour. Getting my knee in shape.

  6. Emma

    Now that I have joined hot yoga I am obsessed! Derek also has been begging me to go to a climbing gym with him, so I have started that as well. I will do yoga twice a week, climbing twice, and a workout DVD the other days (Sometimes on top of the yoga/climbing) It prevents my workouts from getting dull as I am always changing it around. I actually look forward to my exercises now!

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