1. This sounds awesome. I think I needed some of this after my workout. 🙁

    I learned something realy interesting ont heir website: “It absorbs into the body quickly because it resembles plasma in its salt concentration” I totally did not know this. Very eye opening.

  2. Wendy McDaniel

    I am a coconut lover from way back – I’m excited to try Amy & Brian coconut juice. I learned that coconut juice is the water that sloshes around in the inside of coconuts, not to be confused with the higher calorie coconut milk which is made from the pulp. Coconut juice can be compared to grapefruit juice in low-cal status. : )

  3. Bob

    I think the Lime would be good – interesting I always thought of Coconut Juice as being high in sugar – looks like a more health option now than many other beverages.

  4. Wendy McDaniel

    So I decided I’d better “get with it” and join twitter. So, I did, and am now following you on twitter.

  5. Meagan

    I had no idea that coconut juice is considered nature’s sports drink. Maybe I should try it sometime. I am always so blah after a work out. Also, good to hear that it has less sugar, sodium, and calories than other things. I will definitely be trying to some time.

  6. Dianne Robbins

    Wow, I had no idea coconut juice is isotonic and has potassium and other electrolytes. I take a diuretic and my potassium tends to get low, especially at night. It would be great to relieve my leg cramps at bedtime with Amy & Brian Coconut Juice since it doesn’t contain the added sugars.

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