Dining Locally: American Flatbread

Our pizza from the last post was actually inspired by a visit to American Flatbread a few weeks ago where we sipped the best beer and ate the most delicious pizza. This is one of our go to restaurants because they have amazing flatbread that is made from local and/or organic ingredients.  Plus they keep it simple- their menu has a salad (which is amazing) and a number of flatbread creations as well as an option to create your own flatbread.  THAT IS IT. They don’t need to put anything more on that menu because it is perfect keeping it simple.  They also have a special salad, vegetarian pizza and omnivore pizza each night as well as dessert specials.

On top of having a great salad and flatbreads they easily accommodate vegans and they brew their own beer. Now their dining menu maybe short and sweet but the beer list is extensive and filled with a great selection of microbrews as well as their house made which are all really good.

Veganized Special- white pizza with delicata squash, apples, garlic and maple glazed hazelnuts

One thought on “Dining Locally: American Flatbread

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog from another blog. Happy MoFo to you!
    The American Flatbread reminds me of a place near us called Full of Life Flatbread that has a menu that sounds so much like the one you are describing. I’m soon to be posting about them as well. They also have frozen flatbread pizzas that you can find in markets.
    I love the toppings on your pizza!

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