More Hours In The Day

I really need more hours in the day! I have been crazy busy this week between preparing to move on Monday, moving and working on Tuesday and then Wednesday I had a 13 hour work day which was exhausting.  Yesterday calmed down a little bit and the Hubz and I were able to get some unpacking done but there is still so much to do! Today I slept in and my slept in I mean I got up at 7 instead of 5:30 which was nice.  Tonight we are headed to the VT Brewer’s Festival so it is going to be a fun and crazy night that I will be sure to blog about tomorrow!

Since it’s been crazy around here and we have done a lot of eating out (we haven’t had any food at home) I feel like my body is lacking the nutrients that I get from when I cook/uncook at home.  So for lunch I made a nice salad of spinach topped with apple slices, fennel and pecans.

In that cute little nut butter jar is my dijon agave dressing which is to die for!

Dijon Agave Dressing:

  • 2T olive oil
  • 2T coconut vinegar (or red wine vinegar)
  • 1T dijon mustard
  • 2t agave

Put everything in a jar and shake! This is enough for 2 small salads or 1 huge salad.

Also I encourage you all to take a minute and Support the Walk For Farm Animals:


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