Moved but Not Unpacked

So the Hubz and I have finally moved into our new place and it is better than I remembered.  The only down falls right now is that our place is filled with boxes that probably won’t get unpacked until this weekend since we both have to work.   Since we have basically no food in our fridge and no desire to cook we headed out for dinner in downtown Burlington and ended up with a lovely glass of red and a Vermont Soy tofu burger, this is my last hurray since I am taking a break from soy.

I know this post is short and sweet but I am off to bed because I have to get up early to head to an out of town meeting that is going to last all day.  Also yes that is mayo on the board behind my tofu burger it is the standard tray of condiments that comes out but don’t worry no we didn’t eat them just the mustard and ketchup.


  1. Im glad to hear that you are enjoying your new condo, even if things are a little messy right now. Thing will get more organized soon! 🙂

  2. The greens look lovely, it makes me hungry just looking at them.

    I’ve been veggie since 1992, I rarely eat soy so it definitely can be done. There are so many delicious soy-free vegan options out there.

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